ecoCALC Version 5.1.0.

  • Apr 08, 2017

    Performance upgrade: Our output module that gives you full control over your presentation has been optimized to reduce file size and calculation time.


The ecoCALC calculation programme gives users the unique opportunity to calculate all the costs incurred by a lighting solution throughout its service life. In the process, ecoCALC not only calculates the investment cost but also takes CO2 emission, energy consumption, maintenance costs or waste disposal into account. In many projects ecoCALC is not primarily used as a tool for cost optimization, but to analyse the impact of different lighting concepts on lifecycle cost. The ecoCALC programme is free of charge and has been available since 2010.

Recently introduced features include:

  • Output module with predesigned slides gives you full control over your presentation.
  • The NOW! module allows you to evaluate possibilities of light as a service.
  • Drag & drop luminaire data from the website.
  • Online version ecoCALC light ( ecoCALC light projects can be imported into the desktop version.

Common features of all versions include:

  • Sustainable lighting levels are taken into account, as are the costs incurred by a lighting solution throughout its service life.
  • Dynamic comparison of several lighting solutions
  • Ranking of solutions, taking flexible evaluation criteria into account
  • Quick access via a simplified wizard mode with predefined settings. Analysis can be manually refined via a more complex expert mode
  • The specific application situation is taken into account (dynamic operation, variable electricity rates, power supply shutoff, dimming characteristics, daylight-based savings, maintenance control)
  • Automatic calculation of maintenance illuminance throughout installation’s service life (based on CIE 97 + on manufacturer-specific basis)

ecoCALC 5.1.0 doesn’t support Windows XP, so if you still have Windows XP then please use ecoCALC version 4.0.7.